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  • Safety Cabinets

    Aztec helps you keep dangerous ma-terials and liquids organized, labeled, and separated. State and local fire codes require certain substances to be stored in a safety cabinet. For acids, hazmat, flammables, gas, or pesticides, visit Aztec and find solu-tions with trusted brands such as Justrite to keep your workplace safe.

    Suggested Products
    • Corrosive Safety Cabinets
    • Drum Safety Cabinets
    • Flammable Cabinets
    • Safety Cabinet Accessories

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  • Lockers & Storage

    Aztec helps your workplace organize your space with storage systems like lockers, safety cabinets, wire containers, and safety cans. Our family of brands include Lyon, Lafayette Wire Products, Justrite, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Lyon Metal Lockers
      (School, Gym, Employee Lockers, etc.)
    • Justrite Safety Cabinets
    • Lafayette Wire Products Wire Containers
    • Justrite Safety Cans & Containers

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  • Ladders

    We are your premiere source for ladders, whether you require rolling ladders, access ladders or stock-pickers, we are your top supplier! Browse our endless selection of brands such as Louisville Ladder, Werner Ladder, Little Giant, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Little Giant Ladder Safety Cages
    • Louisville Cross Step Ladder
    • Multi-Position Ladder
    • Ballymore Aluminum Rolling Ladder

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  • Drum Equipment

    Aztec has a vast selection of Indus-trial Drum Equipment including dollies, drum storage, transfer pumps and cylinder trucks. Allow us to further your advanced storage and handling space with notable brands like Wesco, Vestil Manufacturing, Fill Rite, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Vestil Manufacturing Drum Pallets & Drum Storage
    • Wesco Drum Dollies
    • Fill Rite Transfer Pumps
    • Dutro Cyclinder Hand Trucks

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  • Swivel Casters

    Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing equipment or embark on a new project, swivel casters are an indispensable tool to ensure optimal mobility and convenience.

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  • Rigid Casters

    Rigid casters offer excellent load-bearing capacity and are ideal for supporting heavier weights. With their dependable construction and straightforward design, rigid casters provide a solid foundation and ensure secure and controlled movement in various industrial and commercial settings.

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  • Swivel Stem Casters

    Swivel-Stem Casters utilize a wheel attached to a stem which is inserted into a swivel. The caster can rotate 360 degrees which enables its superior maneuverability and smooth mobility.

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  • Stem Casters

    Stem Casters are composed of a wheel attached to a stem which is then inserted into a socket or mounting plate. These casters are secure and allow for easy installation or removal without sacrificing mobility.

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  • Pneumatic Casters

    These casters are designed to excel in outdoor or rough terrain environments where a cushioned ride and improved traction are essential. The pneumatic tires feature an inner tube filled with compressed air, which acts as a shock absorber, reducing vibrations and protecting the transported items.

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  • Polyurethane Casters

    Polyurethane Casters have exceptional traction and resistance to chemicals, oils, and most solvents. Made from polyurethane, it has incredible durability and a high load-bearing capacity. These highly versatile casters can be found in manufacturing facilities, hospitals, warehouses, and more.

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  • Ball Wheels

    Often seen on chairs and furniture, Ball Wheel Casters are a specialized type of caster that consists of a ball-shaped wheel housing. This construction allows for multidirectional movement, easy maneuverability and effortless change of direction without lifting or dragging the furniture.

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  • Phenolic Casters

    Phenolic Casters are made from phenolic resin, a synthetic material with high strength and resistance to impact, chemicals, and high temperatures. Due to its ability to withstand heavy loads and provide superior stability.

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  • Nylon Casters

    Nylon Casters can be found in different applications from furniture to industrial equipment. The nylon composition also provides resistance to abrasion, moisture, and chemicals which make these casters suitable for indoor and outdoor areas.

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  • Polypropylene Casters

    Polypropylene Casters are often found in light to medium-duty tasks. The wheels are polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is lightweight yet durable. These casters are chemical-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Some industries that commonly use Polypropylene Casters are offices, hospitals, and retail stores.

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  • Stainless Steel Casters

    Stainless Steel Casters are corrosion-resistant with impeccable durability and strength. These casters are ideal for applications that require hygiene, cleanliness, and rust or corrosion resistance such as hospitals, laboratories, food processing plants, and more. They have longer longevity compared to other casters and are able to withstand harsh and stressful conditions.

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  • Twin Wheel Casters

    For light-duty furniture such as office chairs, Twin Wheel Casters are the perfect fit. Named after the 2 wheels mounted side-by-side on a swivel or stem, the Twin-Wheel caster has an increased load-bearing capability and distributes weight evenly on the dual-wheel design.

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