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Material Handling
Material Handling

We offer Material Handling resources for easy transportation: carts, hand trucks, dollies, pallet jacks, drum equipment, storage, ladders, and more. Hand trucks move heavy loads between locations. General purpose dollies are mobile platforms for item transportation. Pallet jacks use hydraulic forks to lift and move loads in industrial spaces. Conveyors transport items along a belted path. Drum handling equipment secures and mobilizes drums and barrels for easy dispensing and storage at job sites. Lockers organize personal belongings in different environments. Our ladders include step ladders, extension, and multipurpose types. Safety cabinets ensure proper organization and labeling of hazardous materials. Trust reputable brands like Magliner, Wesco, Roll-A-Way, and more for your Material Handling needs.


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  • Carts

    Aztec offers durable and reliable carts for efficient handling. Carts and trucks are wheeled vehicles used for moving items. From general purpose hand trucks to convertible, beverage-delivery, or even furniture hand trucks, we will find the perfect fit for you. We carry brands such as Magliner, Dutro, Wesco, etc.

    Suggested Products
    • Magliner Hand Trucks
    • Platform Trucks
    • Panel Carts
    • U-Boats

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  • Pallet Jacks

    We offer various pallet jacks to help you efficiently transport your items and products. Pallet jacks are low mainte-nance and have more maneuverability in tight spaces than forklifts. Products such as adjustable-width pallet jacks and power lifted stackers help your team handle your product efficiently. Brands we carry: Beech Design, Wesco, Vestil Manufacturing, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Adjustable-Width Pallet Jacks
    • Multi Directional Pallet Jacks
    • Corrosion-Resistant Pallet Jacks
    • Electric Pallet Jacks

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  • Dollies

    Aztec’s selection of dollies are wheeled platforms used to move large and heavy loads on flat ground. Dollies such as open-deck dollies or piano dollies support larger loads and are easier to maneuver than hand trucks. Trust brands like Magliner, Dutro, Wesco, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Pallet Dollies
    • Caster Dollies
    • Tandem Dollies
    • Rotating Dollies

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  • Conveyors

    We offer a vast array of conveyors including gravity conveyors, power con-veyors, and even specialty conveyors. From standard conveyors to completely customized solutions, we are proud to offer our services and trustworthy brands like Roll-A-Way, Hytrol, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors
    • Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors
    • Gravity Conveyor
    • Modular Belt Conveyor

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  • Safety Cabinets

    Aztec helps you keep dangerous ma-terials and liquids organized, labeled, and separated. State and local fire codes require certain substances to be stored in a safety cabinet. For acids, hazmat, flammables, gas, or pesticides, visit Aztec and find solu-tions with trusted brands such as Justrite to keep your workplace safe.

    Suggested Products
    • Corrosive Safety Cabinets
    • Drum Safety Cabinets
    • Flammable Cabinets
    • Safety Cabinet Accessories

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  • Lockers & Storage

    Aztec helps your workplace organize your space with storage systems like lockers, safety cabinets, wire containers, and safety cans. Our family of brands include Lyon, Lafayette Wire Products, Justrite, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Lyon Metal Lockers
      (School, Gym, Employee Lockers, etc.)
    • Justrite Safety Cabinets
    • Lafayette Wire Products Wire Containers
    • Justrite Safety Cans & Containers

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  • Ladders

    We are your premiere source for ladders, whether you require rolling ladders, access ladders or stock-pickers, we are your top supplier! Browse our endless selection of brands such as Louisville Ladder, Werner Ladder, Little Giant, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Little Giant Ladder Safety Cages
    • Louisville Cross Step Ladder
    • Multi-Position Ladder
    • Ballymore Aluminum Rolling Ladder

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  • Drum Equipment

    Aztec has a vast selection of Indus-trial Drum Equipment including dollies, drum storage, transfer pumps and cylinder trucks. Allow us to further your advanced storage and handling space with notable brands like Wesco, Vestil Manufacturing, Fill Rite, and more!

    Suggested Products
    • Vestil Manufacturing Drum Pallets & Drum Storage
    • Wesco Drum Dollies
    • Fill Rite Transfer Pumps
    • Dutro Cyclinder Hand Trucks

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